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crime-wave. (SFC, 10/23/01,.C1) 2001 Dec 10, In Venezuela a nation-wide 12-hour work stoppage was planned to protest policies of Pres. (AP, 1/5/13 AP, 6/27/13) 2013 Jan 5, In Venezuela allies of cancer-stricken President Hugo Chavez chose to retain Diosdado Cabello as the National Assembly president. (AP, 8/16/05 WSJ, 8/17/05,.A1) 2005 Aug 22, Religious broadcaster Pat Robertson suggested that American agents assassinate Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez to stop his country from becoming "a launching pad for communist infiltration and Muslim extremism." Robertson later apologized, saying he had spoken out. (AP, 6/11/10) 2010 Jun 11, Venezuelan authorities issued an arrest warrant for Guillermo Zuloaga, the owner of a television channel that takes a critical line against President Hugo Chavez. (AP, 2/1/09 AP, 3/26/09) 2009 Feb 7, In Venezuela tens of thousands of protesters marched in Caracas to oppose a constitutional amendment that could allow President Hugo Chavez to run for re-election indefinitely. (Econ, 1/25/14, m/pp7suqv) 2012 May 11, Venezuelan Pres. (Econ, 6/2/10,.43) 2010 Jun 10, Venezuelas Pres. Chacin had just resigned on Sep 8 from Venezuelas Interior Ministry. He was a local political activist for the opposition party Democratic Action and a columnist for the small daily El Clarin in the rural town. Over the next two months police shot and kill more than 80 suspected criminals.

(AP, 5/30/17) 2017    Jun 5, In Venezuela protesters again took to the streets of Caracas shutting down main roads to demand new presidential elections following the release of a new video expressing support from jailed opposition leader Leopoldo Lopez. (Econ, 6/2/07,.38) 1957    Nov 21, A student strike began at the Central Univ. Jaime Lusinchi served as president of Venezuela. 31, 2005, audit he commissioned from kpmg LLP for his bankers. 1860    Jan 10, Ezequiel Zamora (1817-1860 leader of the Federalist Army in Venezuela, was assassinated. Chavez appointed Adina Bastidas as vice president following the recent appointment of VP Isaias Rodriquez as attorney general. In 1886 he again assumed the presidency. (AP, 4/29/10) 2010    May 1, In Venezuela armed government officials who took over the 914-acre farm Diego Arria, Venezuela's former ambassador to the United Nations.

Venezuelas flawed food distribution system fails the public, while enriching people with political connections, says Neidy Rosal, a legislator in Carabobo state who has investigated mismanagement in the system for five years. Banco universal caracas bdteveca 30 banco exterior,.A. (AP, 10/24/03) 2003 Oct 24, Venezuelan troops descuentos 100 montaditos and police killed seven heavily armed gunmen during a raid on a drug trafficking ring in northeast Venezuela, officials said Friday. The opposition accused Chavez of unfairly using Venezuela's oil wealth and his near total control of state institutions to his advantage. Venezuela rejected this decision in the 1960s. (WSJ, 2/26/99,.A15 ssfc, 6/24/01,.T6 AP, 1/23/04 AP, 12/24/09) 1958 May 13, Vice President Nixon's limousine was battered by rocks thrown by anti-U.S. (SFC, 9/19/03,.A2).8Mil BC In 2006 a Petroleos de Venezuela team looking for oil in Monagas state, found fossils of six scimitar cats, or Homotherium, along with those of panthers, wolves, camels, condors, ducks and horses, that dated to about this time. (AP, 7/27/06) 2006 Jul 29, In Tehran the presidents of Iran and Venezuela pledged to support one another in disputes with Washington, with the Iranian calling Hugo Chavez "a brother and trench mate." (AP, 7/29/06) 2006 Jul 31, Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez praised. (AP, 12/13/11) 2011 Dec 15, Venezuela handed Maximiliano Bonilla Orozco (aka "Valenciano a top Colombian drug trafficking suspect to US authorities, deporting him to face charges of shipping tons of cocaine to the United States. The previous day Morales had ordered 220 troops to take control of the airport after workers threatened to block flights that did not pay landing fees to local officials rather than the national airport authority.

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